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All are welcome!

8:50AM - Contemporary Worship

A music ensemble led worship service where we invite you to bring your cup of coffee and experience God in new and creative ways.

11AM - Traditional Worship

Our 11AM service is led by our chancel choir and also can include our bell choir.  This service uses a more traditional liturgy and hymns are accompanied by organ and piano.

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 "The Historical Jesus: Part One"

Luke 2:21-40


Ministry News 

Rummage Sale
Saturday, October 3
WE need your Help!  The RUMMAGE SALE is this Saturday 9am to 4pm.  Bring your items to donate to the rummage sale on Thursday or Friday and volunteer to help on Saturday and Sunday. Call Linda @ 425-867-0441 for questions or to volunteer.  Click here for a donation letter from the church so you can claim your donation on your taxes.

rummage (v.)  1540s, "arrange (cargo) in a ship," and from rummage (n.) 1520s, "act of arranging cargo in a ship." A shortening of Middle French arrumage "arrangement of cargo," or else from English room (n.) + -age, meaning "to search closely (the hold of a ship), especially by moving things about" first recorded 1610s. Related:Rummaged; rummaging. Rummage sale (1803) originally was a sale at docks of unclaimed goods.

Church Work Party
October 17
Join us on Saturday October 17 from 8:00am-noon to work outside on the church grounds and inside on a few odd jobs.  Dress for the weather.  Bring work gloves and your favorite gardening tools. Come when you can, and leave when you must.  Please sign up!

Harvest Moon Dance
October 9
Join us for a casual and fun night of dancing and fellowship on Friday, October 9th at 7:00pm at the Samena Swim Club, 15231 Lake Hills Blvd, Bellevue.  The night will start out with about 30-40 minutes of structured swing dance instruction from our favorite award winning swing dance instructors Peter Flahiff and Lauren Stanley.  Then we will open the floor for a night of social dancing fun!  No experience or partner is necessary.  All ages are welcome.  Cost is $10.  An Absolute Beginner's drop-in class from7:00-7:30pm is included in the cover price. All  profits benefit the AUMC Youth Group!  For more info contact Daniel Flahiff  or go to: 

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Upcoming Events


Oct 3
Rummage Sale
Oct 4
World Communion
Directory Photos
Oct 5
Fall Festival Planning
Oct 6
Young at Heart Potluck
Oct 9
Harvest Moon Dance
Oct 12
Church Dinner
Common Table Meeting
Oct 19
November Calendar 
Due Date
Oct 23
Fall Festival
Oct 25
Ronnestad Reception
Oct 31
Time Changes Tonight
Nov 1
All Saints Sunday
Nov 6-8
High School Retreat
Nov 13
Movie Night
Nov 15
Harvest Dinner
Nov 20-22
Middle School Retreat
Nov 22
Xmas Wreath Sales
Nov 23
Church Dinner
Charge Conference
Nov 24
Crossroads Thanksgiving
Nov 26-27
Office Closed
Nov 29
Advent Fair

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